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For all articles, studies and experiments relating to human or animal health, authors must state and declare whether formal approval (especially by written consent) from an Institutional Review Board or Ethics Committee was obtained. This type of consent should be mentioned in the Methods section of the submitted manuscript. When such approval is not readily available or in the absence of such an Ethical Committee or Institutional Review Board on Ethics, authors may state their observance to the Declaration of Helsinki Guidelines.
In addition, articles submitted to Science Journal must also state in the Methods section of the manuscript that authors obtained and declared a statement that the subjects gave (written) informed consent. This applies to experiments or studies carried out on human subjects or human samples.
Authors must adhere to preserving the anonymity of patients or human subjects included or recruited for their study. The photos of human subjects included in the article should be cropped as much as possible to prevent any eventual recognition of the subjects or volunteers for the study.
Finally, articles submitted to Science Journal must clearly state and declare that experiments and studies involving animals and animal samples have been ethically conducted, and that such studies follow and conform to the national or international guidelines governing the use of animals for medical or biomedical research.


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