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      Contribution of Some Meteorological Parameters in the Variation of Tropospheric Radio Refractivity in Yola, Nigeria       

The contribution of some meteorological parameters such as temperature, relative humidity and pressure in the variation of tropospheric radio refractivity in Yola using surface data is investigated. Three years (January 2011- December 2013) data were collected using Campbell Scientific Automatic Weather Instrument. The CR1000 data logger type is used for measurement, and data storage is for five minute update cycle. The data were analyzed using Excel and Matlab Softwares. The results reveal that variation of these three meteorological parameters (temperature,relative humidity and pressure) in the troposphere contributes reasonably well to the tropospheric radio refractivity variation in Yola. The results of the analyses also show that the mean diurnal and seasonal refractivity variations were due to contribution from both dry and wet terms of refractivity. The multiple regression analysis shows that 99.5% of the refractivity variation at Yola is due to meteorolgical parameters, for the period investigated. These results are evidence that variations of these parameters in the troposphere caused tropospheric radio refractivity variation in Yola, Nigeria.
Keywords: Troposphere, Meteorological parameters, Refractivity, Surface data and Regression.

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